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While The Leading Note believes passionately in the value of printed music and the benefits of a well-made edition, we also understand that there is a place for digitally downloaded sheet music. In particular, digital download services can be very useful for:

  • finding individual songs – particularly in the area of pop music or musical theatre,
  • getting the music in a very timely fashion (instantly in most cases), and
  • providing the ability to transpose the music – a feature well-suited to singers!

The Leading Note is pleased to offer the following digital download services:

On-Line Digital Download

We’re pleased to offer two different digital download services – one from Hal Leonard and the other from Alfred Music. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on one site, you well may find it on the other!

Visit the Leading Note page on the SheetMusicDirect web site

Clicking on the SheetMusicDirect icon above will take you to The Leading Note page of Hal Leonard’s digital delivery site. You may browse, search, preview, purchase and print from their vast selection of titles. The Leading Note receives a percentage of each purchase made in this way (our thanks to Hal Leonard for enabling us to offer this service!). See below* for detailed instructions on how to use this site.

Visit Alfred's Total Sheet Music Direct web site

Clicking on the Total Sheet Music icon above will take you to Alfred Music’s digital delivery site. You may browse, search, preview, purchase and print from their vast selection of titles. While the Leading Note logo is not displayed on this page (as in the SheetMusicDirect case), we will definitely receive a percentage of each purchase made on this site (our thanks to Alfred Music for enabling us to offer this service!).

In-Store Digital Download

The Leading Note staff would be pleased to help you find a licensed digital version of a particular title and print it for you in the store (along with any transposition, if needed). We offer two variations on this service:

  • an unbound copy starting at $9.95, or
  • a comb-bound copy with a custom cover starting at $12.95.
    • these prices are representative of what we charge for a typical individual pop or musical theatre song – larger works may cost somewhat more.

We recommend the comb-bound option for festival or exam situations since the cover, which includes The Leading Note logo and contact information, adds to the legitimacy of the print out. We print on higher quality paper, but pages are single sided only. If you prefer a professionally printed copy, our staff can recommend editions from music publishers that can be special ordered or purchased from our inventory.

*SheetMusicDirect Detailed Instructions

Be sure to review the Getting Started section of the website – a Sibelius Scorch plug-in must be downloaded and an account created (credit card required) before you can begin. Don’t forget to test your printer as instructed since, due to copyright restrictions, you’ll only have one chance to print your music.

Points to keep in mind:

  • If you are seeking a specific edition of classical music (for example, Henle or Barenreiter Urtext editions; specific editor editions from International, Peters or Schirmer), you will not find it digitally. Digital downloads are great for musical theatre and pop music selections, but the selection of classical music titles is lacking. As always, The Leading Note staff can help find any specific printed edition you are seeking.
  • Also lacking (for now) are selections for instrumentalists. The primary instrumentation found on SheetMusicDirect is piano, voice, guitar, and lead sheets (fake book style transcriptions).
  • Transposition is not available for all titles – look for the transposition icon in the Scorch toolbar.
  • In our experience, a small intervallic transposition always works best. Transposing more than a third or fourth means the entire score gets shifted up or down, sometimes leading to excessive leger lines and strange accompaniment parts.
  • If using digital downloads in a festival or exam situation, it is important to check rules and regulations with the festival or exam centre to ensure this musical format is accepted.
  • If you are interested in playing music from your iPad, we recommend first purchasing titles through the website (rather than iTunes), after which the purchases can be transferred to your iPad app with the added assurance of having a printable backup copy available.
  • If you run into trouble printing at home, please email for assistance.


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