Concert Tickets On Sale

From its inception, The Leading Note has made a point of helping to promote local musicians and groups. We do this by displaying posters for upcoming concerts and auditions, selling tickets to their concerts, and selling their CDs in the store.

If you are interested in having us sell tickets to your group’s concert, simply bring us the tickets in an envelope and a poster and we’ll be happy to help to promote your event. In exchange for this, we ask that the choir, at a minimum,:

  • displays a business card size ad in their program at no charge, and
  • provides a link on their web site to

Please contact us for information about this.

Below is a list of local concerts for which we are currently selling tickets. Please note that we only take cash for tickets.

Date Performer(s) Venue Ticket Price

Complete Concert Listings

We would love to provide a complete listing of classical concerts in the Ottawa area on our web site, but there is already a wonderfully comprehensive web site devoted just to this:


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