Top 10: Violin Collections
November 27, 2013

This list brings together our top-selling violin collections in one place. If you are looking for recital pieces, exam repertoire, gigging music or material for weddings, this list has it all!

1. RCM Violin Series: Third Edition (nine volumes)

RCM Violin SeriesOur list of top-selling violin collections is crowned by almost every volume of the RCM Violin Series. Of course, this series has one distinct advantage over any other publication: every selection among its pages is approved for use in examinations for Canada’s most popular musical accreditation program! This singular advantage aside, the series does offer the benefit to all violinists (whether working toward an exam or not) that the series is properly graded, ensuring that all material in a single volume is at a comparable level. The third edition of the RCM Violin Series includes accompaniment CDs.

2. Solos for Young Violinists (six volumes)

Solos for Young ViolinistsBarbara Barber’s excellent series is also featured among our top sellers. With six volumes in the set, these books are also graded, ensuring that all pieces in a given volume are of comparable difficulty. Intermediate students will find this books especially useful. Accompanying CDs are available for these publications but are sold separately.

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Top 10: Music for Harp
July 4, 2013

To help new students of the harp find suitable repertoire for their instrument, we have compiled a list of our ten top-sellers for harp. These books are widely used by harp teachers and students alike; the list includes repertoire for both pedal and lever harps.

1. Maria Grossi: Harp Method

This classic method is our top-selling book for harp. It contains a wide range of progressive studies with helpful diagrams showing the movement of the hands. Although the text is entirely in Italian, the popularity of this method demonstrates the quality of Grossi’s material.

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Top 10: Vocal Collections
March 15, 2012

1. Twenty-Four Italian Songs and Arias of the 17th and 18th Centuries

Twenty-Four Italian Songs and Arias

This classic anthology from Schirmer is an outstanding collection intended to introduce the student of singing to the bel canto style. The material in this collection comes from the early operatic repertoire and is suitable for singers both young and experienced. To better reflect the needs of modern singers, Schirmer recently published an updated edition of this collection titled Twenty-eight Italian Songs and Arias. All the original songs are included plus four new selections. The new publication also includes newly written historical information about the music and translations of the text. Each piece has been re-engraved and five different transpositions are available, with or without accompaniment CDs.

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Today is Schubert’s Birthday!
January 31, 2012

Schubert is the composer of over 600 songs, world-famous piano music, nine (or ten) symphonies, chamber music, sacred music, and so much more. He did all this before the age of 31 when ill health finally took his life. The lesson? Don’t be a composer or it will lead to health problems.

To celebrate Schubert’s birthday we have compiled a list of popular publications for your perusal:

1. Impromptus for piano solo

Two competing editions of this collection lead our Schubert top-seller list, Henle and Bärenreiter.  Henle’s collection is a little more expensive but also includes another set of Schubert’s compositions, Moments musicaux.

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Top 10: Books for Oboe
January 18, 2012

In honour of the University of Ottawa’s Oboe Weekend, taking place this Saturday, we’ve put together a Top 10 list of our best-selling titles for oboe.

1. Barret: Oboe Method

First published in 1862, The oboe method by Apollon Barré (know to English speakers as Barret) is still widely used today. The standard edition by Boosey & Hawkes is a facsimile of the original publication. Full of technical excercises, tips on reed making, and practical advice on general musicianship, the famous method has yet to be supplanted in the oboe repertoire. Barret also includes forty pieces in progressive order that are accompanied by an unfigured bass. (Read more…)

Top 10: Clarinet Collections
December 29, 2011

For the clarinetists in the audience, here is a list of the best-selling clarinet books at The Leading Note.


1. Galper Clarinet Method, Book 1

At the top of the list is the famous method by Avrahm Galper.  No other clarinet method is as widely used as this one.  The method is presented as a series of lessons, each one introducing a new technical challenge which is mastered through a series of short tunes.  As the student progresses through the lessons, the exercises become longer and more intricate.  Chord symbols (like those used in fakebooks) are included so the student can be accompanied. (Read more…)