Music Library Sponsorship: Fundraiser and Community Builder
April 9, 2014

Jackie HawleyThis is a guest post by Jackie Hawley, a regular contributor to Anacrusis, the official journal of the ACCC (Association of Canadian Choral Communities).  She is the Artistic Director of the Ottawa Children’s Choir and the Founding Director of the Cantiamo Girls Choir of Ottawa.

Good ideas should be shared! Here is something that has worked very well for my choirs. I hope you will find this useful for your choir as well.

A few years ago, when my Cantiamo Girls Choir was quite new, we had a local business person offer to make a donation to the choir. We had not solicited this sort of thing at that time in the choir’s development so we were happily inspired to think about how we could recognize our supporters with more than a tax receipt. This person had a favourite piece that we had sung in our concert. I thought that it might be a nice idea to have the donation directed towards covering the cost of buying those scores for the choir. (Read more…)