Are you on our teachers’ lists?
August 21, 2013

Dear teachers,

Did you know we have a list of local music teachers on our website? We sincerely appreciate the support of local teachers; this list is one small way we can give back to help grow your studios!

Are you on our list? If not, this is a great time to get on board!

Send us an e-mail with your name, phone number, e-mail and other useful information about your teaching. What instruments do you teach? How about theory and history? What system do you use (RCM, Music for Young Children, Suzuki, Conservatory Canada, etc.)? In what part of town do you live?

As the new school year approaches, this is a good time for teachers already on our list to make sure your information is current and accurate. Check your listing under the appropriate instrument and contact us with any changes.

Best wishes for a successful season!

Another local bookshop closes its doors
June 13, 2012

After the closure of Nicholas Hoare’s Ottawa and Montreal locations at the end of April (and their gorgeous wooden bookshelves), we were saddened to learn yesterday of the imminent closure of Mother Tongue Books in Old Ottawa South. 

In a beautifully worded open letter, the co-owners of Mother Tongue Books write about the challenges of running a bookshop—they call it “extreme retail”—and the dramatic changes that continue to take place in the bookselling industry.  The authors note, however, that with all these challenges come great rewards, a sentiment that definitely rings true with us at The Leading Note (just replace “book” with “music score” in the excerpt below): 

Bookselling is a beautiful way to share ideas (and ideals), and to support new journeys of discovery, learning and change. One of the great joys of being a bookseller is putting the right book in the right hands. What a wonderful gift to be a part of the reading and creative lives of our customers and community!

The co-owners’ letter is worth reading in its entirety.  The authors make a case for supporting local shops because they in turn support and build community:

Now, more than ever, it is important to support your remaining local booksellers and businesses. They are the building blocks of vibrant neighbourhoods and communities. Next time you are at a community event, take the time to see which local businesses supported it; in turn, support those businesses.

Although The Leading Note is not a traditional “book store”, we feel a certain allegiance to all small, independent businesses, especially community-oriented ones like Mother Tongue Books.  With print music being our primary focus, the move to digitization will have an impact on us.  We will do our best to keep up with these changes and already offer a quick digital download printing service for last minute orders.  However, our passion will always be for a beautifully printed and bound publication.  We would love to hear our customers’ perspectives on these recent events.  Do you endeavour to support local businesses when possible?  Do you see yourself moving to a digital product in the near future?   

We at The Leading Note are certainly most grateful for your continued support of our little shop.  We wish the owners of Mother Tongue Books great success in their future endeavours.  Let’s hope that no more local shops will close their doors in the near future, further impoverishing Ottawa’s cultural industry.

Season’s Greetings from The Leading Note
December 24, 2011

Lost your voice from too much seasonal merriment?  There’s no need to miss out on everyone’s seasonal favourite.  Now you can participate silently!


A warm and heartfelt thanks to all our customers for supporting us over the past year.  All the best to you and yours over the holiday season from all of us here at The Leading Note.

Tina, Gary, Sheilah, Wendy, Nick, Aura & Élaine

30th Anniversary of our last Blog post
October 6, 2011

September is a busy month at The Leading Note. Consequently, it is a slow time for blogging. The whirlwind of Back-to-School and Choir-Season-Planning means we’re so busy handling orders with grace and aplomb that we have no time left to sit down to write.  This is, of course, a very positive thing for our business!  Thus is seems appropriate at this time to extend our fondest thanks to all the piano teachers, choral directors, parents, students and other customers who have so graciously patronized our store this month and been so patient with us as we struggle to cope with line-ups, stock shortages, and general hullabaloo. We’re so grateful for your continued support!

Alongside all the hurly-burly a few things of note have happened at The Leading Note in September:

  • We have a Big Monster Sale on piano and violin books: 50% off selected methods, collections, and repertoire.
  • We now have a large collection of books from Quebec publisher Chants de mon pays (more details here).
  • Our Christmas books are now out on display (I know it’s early but kids need time to learn!).