Summer order schedule

June 20, 2013


For rest, relaxation and recuperation,
The Leading Note will be closed July 15-20.

Summer tends to be a quieter time as students, teachers, choirs and other musical ensembles take holidays. Of course, not all forms of musical expression cease during the warmer months; while our in-stock selection is vast, just in case we do not have that obscure solo work you have been excited to learn, we would like to let you know our ordering schedule for the summer months.

Individual Orders

If you need music in July, this information is for you: we have one final delivery from American suppliers on July 10 before we close for the week of July 15-20. In order to ensure that the book you need is in that shipment, please place your order before the end of June! We need to make our orders at least a week ahead of delivery to ensure everything arrives on time. The end of June is our safe cut-off for this delivery!

We will continue to accept orders throughout July and will be monitoring our e-mail even during the week we are closed. Orders made before July 22 will arrive July 29 (except from a few exceptional publishers on the West coast of the US which need to be ordered prior to July 22).

Orders from Canadian and European suppliers do not ship with our regular American deliveries, and have independent delivery dates. Books we need to source domestically or from Europe are not affected by the June deadline.

Orders for Choirs and Orchestras

If you are planning your choir’s 2013-2014 season, the Summer months are a great time to ask us to help you with research and to get price quotes. Since most choirs and orchestras are on break until September, we try to consolidate all of our orders into a single shipment in mid August. This helps to reduce costs for us and allows us to package all your music together very efficiently, whether the publishers are Canadian, American or from overseas.

We will ask you when you place a choral order whether you need the music for September or before to ensure we get it to you when you need it. Our main choral shipment is scheduled to arrive on August 28. If you need your music before that, please let us know your deadline.  We are always happy to accommodate whichever delivery date suits your situation.

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