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May 9, 2013

The Leading Note’s online catalogue is a great tool to find the music you are looking for. There are numerous features that can help you track down the specific book you need. This guide will introduce you to these features.

The best place to start when searching for a book is to use the general search field in the top-right corner of every page:


You can enter any keywords in this field including composer, arranger, title, instrument, opus number, etc. In general, less is more—the fewer search terms the larger the results will be. Spelling needs to be correct but you do not need to include complete words; for example, “concert” will help you find concerto, concertos, concerti, concertinos, etc.


If you find you have too many results, use our browsing function. First select “Products” (1) from the main menu. The blue submenu on the left then lists different categories of products to narrow-down your search. In the following example we will select “print music” (2) and “strings” (3):


You can enter keywords in the search field here to narrow your results or you can browse to different categories by selecting the “Browse” tab:


You can then select your instrument and category of music:


The browse view will list all books in the selected category that are in our catalogue. You can narrow the results to the books we have in stock using the checkbox:


You can browse through the results to explore the products we have in stock. This is a good way to discover new books you may never have seen before. If you are looking for something specific, you can narrow your search even further by entering keywords in the search field:


Our catalogue lists the contents of collections, which is useful if you are looking for a specific song. The following example shows all the collections that contain Vaughan Williams’ “The Vagabond”; it also lists the key of the song in each collection:


This feature helps you to narrow down your selection to match your voice type. If you’re a tenor, choose the version in E Minor; baritones have a few more options! Be sure to select the “Show table of contents items” checkbox.

The Product Information screen is full of useful information. It lists the price and availability of an item, its contents, keys, RCM grades. The Product description often links to related products or gives you additional information about the book. Don’t miss the sharing buttons at the bottom: if you like a book, share it on Facebook!


To order a book, copy the product information (including the item code) into an e-mail and send it to us:


Soon The Leading Note will have a shopping cart on our website that will allow you to order books directly. We are very excited to introduce this new feature. Stay tuned for more details!

UPDATE (July 11, 2013):Our shopping cart is now online! Ordering from The Leading Note has never been easier. If interested in an item, click “Add to Cart”. Click “Shopping Cart” in the right sidebar to view your items, then “Checkout Now” to proceed with the order. For more details, go here.

Have a question about our catalogue? Please leave a comment below.

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