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February 13, 2012

One of the ways The Leading Note supports the music community is by selling local artist’s work on consignment.  In addition to a large selection of sheet music we have a growing number of recordings available from our local composers. Here is a selection:

Steven Gellman: Musica Eterna

Recently released is Musica Eterna, the premiere recording of the celebrated Steven Gellman.  This CD features four pieces of chamber music performed by Ottawa’s greatest performers, including the maestro, Gellman, himself in the first track; NACO’s Joanna G’froerer, flute, and Jethro Marks, viola; pianists Andrew Tunis and Stephane Lemelin; and superstar violinists Andrew Wan (Concertmaster, MSO) and Jonathan Crow (Concertmaster, TSO).

Roddy Ellias: Acts of Light

Also recently released is the ethereally beautiful Acts of Light by Donna Brown and Roddy Ellias.  All tracks are composed by Ottawa’s Roddy Ellias with texts by the composer’s wife Sandra Nicholls.  The pieces are performed by Ottawa’s Donna Brown (soprano), Jennifer Swartz (harp), Ken Simpson (marimba), Frederic Lacroix (piano), Roddy Ellias, (guitar).  Don’t miss out on this amazing disc!

Colin Mack: Imprints

Colin Mack’s Imprints is an excellent recording by another cross-section of Ottawa’s finest musicians.  Here we have engaging performances by Robert Cram, Doreen Taylor-Claxton, Shoshana Telner, John Wong, Claudia Cashin-Mack, Noemi Racine and Julian Armour (Music and Beyond).  This is one recording that will certainly leave its imprint on your ear!

Jan Jarvlepp: Flights of Fancy

Innovative composer and cellist Jan Jarvlepp has three recordings for sale here at the Leading Note: Flights of Fancy, Soundtracks of the Imagination and Garbage Concerto.  Jarvlepp’s musical fusion combines the excitement of rock and jazz rhythms with the large scale classical structures found in orchestral and chamber music.  Perfect for any genre-jumper!

Evelyn Stroobach: Aurora Borealis

Evelyn Stroobach’s compact disc entitled Aurora Borealis contains eleven of her compositions composed for a variety of different musical genres and her works are performed by some of Canada’s leading musicians.  This eclectic mix was actually the first local artist CD to be entered in our catalogue.  Don’t miss out!

Hail: Canadian Art Song (Taylor-Claxton & Dueck)

Local soprano Doreen Taylor-Claxton teams up with pianist Valerie Dueck in the recording Hail: Canadian Art Song. Both are award winners with great skill and a long list of accomplishments.  The pieces they perform are almost exclusively by Ottawa composers, including John G. Armstrong, James Wright, Colin Mack and Fred Lacroix.

Deirdre Piper: Canadian Sounds

Organist and composer Deirdre Piper presents a selection of organ music by Canadian composers alongside some of her own chamber music. Canadian Sounds includes “Diversions” for saxophone quartet, performed by Saxart, and “Khoreia”, a chamber work performed by Peter Smith (clarinet), Joan Harrison (cello), and Elaine Keillor (piano).

Such a wealth of local culture all in one place!  Come visit us!

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3 Responses to “CDs by Local Composers”

  1. Zanaelle says:

    Hi, I didn’t know that you support local composers with this type of exposure on your website. This is great!! I released a classical CD last year, NewAge genre; all composed and played by me. I am always looking for new consigments. I invit you to visit my website and listen to the tracks (long clips) and tell me what you think. It would be a pleasure to meet and discuss with you!! Thanks for taking the time. Zanaelle, from Gatineau (Hull)

  2. Aura says:

    Thanks, Zanaelle. Bring your CD into the shop and we will happily carry it for you.

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