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December 14, 2011

In addition to our wide in-store selection and our searchable on-line database, The Leading Note specializes in tracking down rare and hard to find print music for our customers. Sadly, not every piece of music can be found – many go out of print and some are never published at all and only available in dusty manuscript form in the basement of a European library.

Quite often, though, no matter how obscure the request, we are able find the requested material through our network of publishers and suppliers (Google helps a little too in some cases!). Here are a couple of recent examples of such requests – we love a challenge!

Sheilah hard at work researching special orders in the office.

A customer called one morning looking for Swedish piano music with the title “Frösöblomster” by twentieth century Swedish composer, Wilhelm Peterson-Berger.  After ensuring we had the correct spelling (umlauts and all), the search began for this title.  Luckily, we have access to a wonderful European supplier which has an amazing catalogue of publications from all over Europe.  Within a few minutes, the customer’s call was returned with the good news that we had found this title and that three volumes of “Flowers of Frösö” were readily available to import!

Another day, a gentleman popped in the shop with a copy of the cover page of what appeared to be a turn of the century (20th, not 21st!) publication of Cantiques de Nöel by Canadian composer Ernest Gagnon.  Without much hope, due to the age of the publication (Canadian publications, especially, do not often have a long shelf-life), we looked into what was currently available.  Amazingly enough, Quebec publisher Editions musicales du Nouveau Theatre Musical had reprinted this collection in 2005.  The customer had the score within 10 days of his initial request.

No matter how obscure your request, we will do everything we can to get the score on your music stand and ready to enjoy as soon as possible.

You can make special order requests by e-mail, on the phone, or in person.  We will phone or e-mail you to confirm details before ordering and to let you know when your order is expected and when it arrives to our shop.  Please see our ordering instructions for more information.

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