NEW Teaching and Rehearsal STUDIOS Are Here!

October 5, 2018

We are pleased to announce that we have opened two new funky studios in the space adjacent to The Leading Note music store on Elgin Street! These studios are intended to be used by both teachers and all musicians looking for a place to rehearse.

Studio A:

Teaching/Rehearsal Studio A at The Leading Note

  • Studio A is a 14′ x 11′ space equipped with a baby grand piano
  • Ideal for piano lessons/rehearsals or chamber music sessions
  • May be used as a space for meetings, workshops or small recitals
  • Basic rate is $15/hour ($50 for a 4-hour booking, $10/hour for 5 or more hours)
  • $20/hour for ensembles or recitals

Studio B:

Teaching/Rehearsal Studio B at The Leading Note

  • Studio B is 12′ x 8′ space equipped with a Yamaha electronic keyboard
  • Ideal for solo instrumental or vocal lessons/rehearsals
  • Basic rate is $14/hour ($45 for a 4-hour booking, $9/hour for 5 or more hours)

Interested in a conveniently located downtown location for your teaching, rehearsing or practicing?

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