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January 31, 2018

St. Germain, Glory; Ultimate Music Theory - Supplemental Workbook - NEW!Winnipeg music teacher, Glory St. Germain, is the founder of Ultimate Music Theory.  Her Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, and Complete Rudiments books have been popular with our customers for many years.  Glory and her team, including Brockville music teacher, Shelagh McKibbon-U’Ren, have now developed a set of supplemental workbooks, which offer additional exercises to work through the new RCM Theory concepts.  There is one supplemental book available for each of the new RCM Theory Levels, to be used with the associated Basic, Intermediate or Advanced books.

Here is a breakdown of how the old and new books work together:

For example, if a student is working on RCM Level 6 or 7 Theory, they would complete the Intermediate Rudiments workbook PLUS the Level 6 and/or 7 Supplemental workbook, to ensure all aspects of the new RCM requirements were covered.  Each book includes dozens of exercises to work through and a sample exam.  Answer books are also available with answers to every exercise found in each book.

The extra investment in these supplementary workbooks really pays off.  Teachers don’t have to spend their own time finding or creating extra worksheets.  The clear, step-by-step explanations help students work through the material at home, meaning more can be accomplished during lessons with their teacher.

The Ultimate Music Theory team has also created amazing and FREE online resources to enrich students’ learning.  They’ve compiled videos of the various works required for the “Guided Listening” component of the exams and have even created lesson plans for each level, saving teachers countless hours of work!  Click this link to access these resources (note that registration is required).

If you are finding your current theory resources don’t include any of the new RCM requirements or are lacking good explanations and exercises, we recommend giving the Ultimate Music Theory books a try and, as always, we welcome your feedback on this and any other topic!

Happy teaching!

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