New RCM Violin Syllabus is here!

May 16, 2013


Attention violin teachers: the new RCM Violin Syllabus is here! The 2013 edition corresponds with the new 2013 Violin Series released in March and replaces the 2006 edition for examination purposes.

DSC_0010 (3)

We at The Leading Note are currently studying the minutia of the syllabus to co-ordinate our stock with the repertoire requirements. Teachers should take note that in our preliminary assessment to date we have observed the syllabus includes a mixture of familiar repertoire that is likely already in teachers’ libraries with new material that is new to The Leading Note’s catalogue. As we work through each list in each grade we will update our catalogue to reflect the new reality.


The technical requirements have been revised, particularly for the upper grades. The new 2013 editions of the Violin Technique and Etudes will be helpful for this portion of the exam.
Another note-worthy addition: the orchestral excerpts portion of the exam now includes samples from chamber music.

Other RCM news: The RCM will release other new syllabi and repertoire series in the coming months. Viola, cello, clarinet, saxophone and trumpet each will receive an updated, independent syllabus and a complete repertoire series similar to the new one for violin. The syllabus for doublebass will also be updated and a new book of orchestral excerpts will be released by Frederick Harris; there will not be a repertoire series for this instrument, however.
We will let you know when each new publication becomes available.

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  1. Morna Howie says:

    Are the cello books available yet?

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