New RCM Celebrate Theory: Harmony, Counterpoint & Analysis Special Offer

July 5, 2017

RCM Celebrate Theory: Harmony, Counterpoint, Analysis Set, Levels 9, 10 & ARCT The Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) has completed the roll out of their new theory series, Celebrate Theory. The advanced level harmony, counterpoint and analysis books of this series are now available at The Leading Note!

We are pleased to continue to offer a 15% discount on the complete set of harmony, counterpoint & analysis books. This set includes:

Celebrate Theory is an essential resource for developing well-rounded musicianship. Through the study of theory, harmony, analysis and history, students will engage more meaningfully with the music they hear and play.

RCM will have a special crossover period for these new harmony books that extends to August 31, 2018. Harmony examinations written in the Winter, Spring, and Summer sessions will include alternate questions to accommodate students who have prepared using either the 2009 or 2016 syllabus.

Please note that a $15 shipping charge will apply if you would like this set delivered to you (sorry, but we can’t afford to give you a 15% discount plus free shipping :-( ).

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