New Flute Music by Ian Clarke

June 4, 2013

One of today’s most popular composers of flute music, Ian Clarke has proven himself to be a virtuoso performer and composer. His unique style has helped to popularize extended techniques with flautists of varying levels.


The Leading Note now has several new pieces by Ian Clarke in stock:

Hatching Aliens

Hatching Aliens is an advanced piece for flute and piano that imaginatively evokes the work’s title through a variety of textural sounds, passage work, and ”alien” techniques.  Flutists who have successfully performed Ian Clarke’s easier pieces, which introduce the player gradually to the world of extended techniques, will find plenty of opportunities here to showcase these new skills.

Check out this excerpt and visit Ian Clarke’s website to hear more!

Deep Blue & Beverley

Newly issued is a pair of compositions Deep Blue & Beverley. Although sold as a set, Deep Blue is for flute and piano while Beverley is for solo flute.

Beverley is a beautiful plaintive lament. The work is built around the timbral contrasts that can be achieved by alternating different fingerings for the same note. For the intermediate player first exploring the music of Ian Clarke, this could be a gentle introduction to his techniques and style. It is a good work to help the student learn about the importance of timbre in musical performance, a central concern in contemporary compositional practice.

Deep Blue aims to evoke the sounds of the ocean and whale song.  This gentle, soothing work is suitable for the intermediate player with limited experience of extended techniques.  While the subject matter begs comparisons to George Crumb’s famous Vox balanae, the effect of Deep Blue is much more mellow, a little less awesome, and the technical challenges for both flutist and pianist very approachable.

The Leading Note is proud to be a distributor of Ian Clarke’s music. Click here to view his compositions in our catalogue.

In other flute news, we also have new pieces by UK composer Amanda Jane Fox and Jaap Geraedts from the Netherlands!

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