The Leading Note Guide to the Elgin Street Renewal Project

Artist's rendering of the block just north of Waverley St. looking back towards The Leading Note - which you can just see if you squint hard enough!2019 is going to be an interesting year for The Leading Note and the whole Elgin Street area. Beginning on January 7 and continuing throughout 2019, the street will be closed to car traffic as the sewers and other infrastructures are replaced. The end result of this renewal project is going to be a vast improvement in the overall streetscape. But, in the meantime, the street closure will mean some challenges for us and our local customers. Your support will be crucial to the future of The Leading Note.

I Dig Elgin is a community campaign featuring the people, places, and events on and around Ottawa’s Elgin Street. It is a great resource to follow for updates during the renewal project – on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

However, for now, we have a few tips of our own to help you get through this year:

The store will always be accessible

Throughout the project, great care will be taken to ensure that all businesses remain easily accessible. Watch for signs and friendly guides around the construction zone, in case the locations of sidewalks shift over the year.

***UPDATE*** Gladstone Avenue is now open again (it is no longer possible to cross at Frank St.)

As of July 30, Gladstone Avenue at Elgin Street has reopened, allowing cars to cross Elgin into the residential neighbourhood east of us.  The intersection gives an idea of how the whole street will eventually look.  We’re very happy to see this progress!

The crossing at Frank St. has now been closed again but this, fortunately, means that parking has been restored on Frank, on both sides of Elgin.

Please see this updated map for the routes to follow to reach our store and the nearby street parking. If you’re coming from the Queensway, simply stay on Metcalfe around the Canadian Museum of Nature to access Gladstone or Frank St.

***UPDATE*** Parking options in the area

If you are arriving from the Queensway, either Metcalfe or Gladstone are good options. Parking has now been restored on Frank St. between Metcalfe and Cartier.  Spots are metered between Metcalfe and Elgin but free for one hour east of Elgin.  Please refer to this map for the directionality and accessibility of the area streets.

If you don’t mind walking a block or two, you’ll find plenty of free 1- or 2-hour parking on the neighbourhood streets just east of Elgin, accessible via Gladstone Ave. To exit the neighbourhood, take Cartier to Lewis (north) or to McLeod (south). Most of the other side streets will be blocked at Elgin.

The City of Ottawa also offers free parking at City Hall on Saturdays. It’s about a 15-minute walk to The Leading Note from there but, with over 70 restaurants and shops along the way, you’ll have lots to see and do as you make your way down to visit us! Most of these are small, independent businesses who will also need support during this challenging time. Small businesses contribute so much to our communities and local economies – let’s do what we can to support them!

***UPDATE*** Bus service continues

During the project, OC Transpo buses #5 and #14 (which used to go down Elgin Street) will be re-routed to Cartier Street (please see this updated map for the modified routes). The closest bus stop for the #14 will now be around the corner on Gladstone St. (just west of Elgin). The nearest stops on the #5 route will be on Cartier, one near Lewis and another near McLeod.

Can’t come to us? We’ll deliver to you!

We understand that some of our customers will want to avoid Elgin Street during the construction period. But, that doesn’t mean you have to go without The Leading Note’s expert and caring service for all of your music requests! Orders can be placed on our online store, by email or phone. We offer free shipping directly to your door on orders over $100. Products that are “in stock” arrive at Ottawa addresses within 1-2 business days – wow!

We are now pleased to introduce another option – free delivery service to two different organizations in the city:

  • Ottawa Pianos at 1412 Bank St. (click here for more details), and
  • uOttawa Music Department – for uOttawa students and faculty (click here for more details).

Order from us (either online, by phone or by email) and enjoy the convenience of picking up your order from one of the above locations.

Another option is to find other musicians or music students in your area and submit a combined order for free shipping. We’re here to help make the process as easy and convenient as possible for you so feel free to reach out anytime to discuss your personal delivery options.

Help spread the word!

The best way to support The Leading Note, in addition to shopping with us for your own music purchases, is to spread the word about our expert and caring service. Our online store is world-class and offers a rich database of music unmatched in Canada. Please let all of the musicians in your life know about our website and store, whether they are here in Ottawa or elsewhere in Canada or the U.S. Many communities in Canada do not have access to a local store offering the same depth of knowledge and inventory that The Leading Note offers. Ottawa is a lucky city, so please share your good fortune with others!

We hope these tips will help navigate the next year of construction on Elgin Street. We are looking forward to the end result and to serving Ottawa and musicians from across Canada for many years to come!

Thank you for your ongoing support!

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