NEW Teaching and Rehearsal STUDIOS Are Here!
October 5, 2018

We are pleased to announce that we have opened two new funky studios in the space adjacent to The Leading Note music store on Elgin Street! These studios are intended to be used by both teachers and all musicians looking for a place to rehearse.

Studio A:

Teaching/Rehearsal Studio A at The Leading Note
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New RCM Classical Guitar Series: Special Offer
April 18, 2018

RCM Classical Guitar Series - Complete SetThe Royal Conservatory’s fifth edition of their acclaimed classical guitar series is FINALLY HERE! Drawing upon the RCM’s reputation of excellence, this new edition presents a fresh and exciting selection of material to engage classical guitar students at all levels. Each progressive Repertoire and Etudes book explores a wide range of historical periods and styles, featuring pieces compiled from more than 500 years’ worth of guitar and other plucked-string music. With this series, teachers and students will embark on an innovative learning path designed to foster well-rounded musical development and an enduring passion for their instrument.
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Vintage Sheet Music – Fundraiser for OrKidstra
April 4, 2018

Vintage Sheet Music at The Leading Note

The Leading Note is grateful for the generous donation of Vintage Sheet Music from Margart Munro, previously owned by Lillian Hoffman. Miss Hoffman, a resident of Farnham, Quebec, was a violinist who graduated from the music program at McGill University in Montreal and was Margaret’s inspiration for learning the violin. Miss Hoffman was a member of the Farnham ensemble (pictured below) and knew the composer Lee Roberts (and some of the sheet music is signed by the composer himself). Miss Hoffman’s collection of nearly 300 vintage titles are currently on sale at The Leading Note and we are pleased to provide all proceeds to Ottawa’s OrKidstra program.
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Ultimate Music Theory – New Resources
January 31, 2018

St. Germain, Glory; Ultimate Music Theory - Supplemental Workbook - NEW!Winnipeg music teacher, Glory St. Germain, is the founder of Ultimate Music Theory.  Her Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, and Complete Rudiments books have been popular with our customers for many years.  Glory and her team, including Brockville music teacher, Shelagh McKibbon-U’Ren, have now developed a set of supplemental workbooks, which offer additional exercises to work through the new RCM Theory concepts.  There is one supplemental book available for each of the new RCM Theory Levels, to be used with the associated Basic, Intermediate or Advanced books.

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Chamber Music Enthusiasts: SJ Music is Here!
November 21, 2017

Some of you may already be familiar with the British publisher SJ Music, which specializes in chamber music for amateurs, particularly string players. The Leading Note is pleased to announce that the entire SJ Music catalogue is now available from us (now distributed in North America by C. F. Peters)!

Be sure to check out all 101 titles of the quirky and eclectic SJ Music catalogue.

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New RCM Celebrate Theory: Harmony, Counterpoint & Analysis Special Offer
July 5, 2017

RCM Celebrate Theory: Harmony, Counterpoint, Analysis Set, Levels 9, 10 & ARCT The Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) has completed the roll out of their new theory series, Celebrate Theory. The advanced level harmony, counterpoint and analysis books of this series are now available at The Leading Note!

We are pleased to continue to offer a 15% discount on the complete set of harmony, counterpoint & analysis books. This set includes:

Celebrate Theory is an essential resource for developing well-rounded musicianship. Through the study of theory, harmony, analysis and history, students will engage more meaningfully with the music they hear and play.

RCM will have a special crossover period for these new harmony books that extends to August 31, 2018. Harmony examinations written in the Winter, Spring, and Summer sessions will include alternate questions to accommodate students who have prepared using either the 2009 or 2016 syllabus.

Please note that a $15 shipping charge will apply if you would like this set delivered to you (sorry, but we can’t afford to give you a 15% discount plus free shipping :-( ).

CANADA 150 Guide to Canadian Music
June 30, 2017

2017 is Canada’s 150th year! To mark the occasion, we’ve put together The Leading Note Guide to Canadian Music, with a list of Canadian composers, arrangers, and collections for you to browse. Check out some of our personal favourites below!


Canada has a rich and varied choral tradition, with too many composers to list all in one place! If you’re looking for that perfect Canadian piece for your choir to mark 2017, we recommend the following composers/arrangers: Stephen Chatman, Eleanor Daley, Matthew Emery, Stephen Hatfield, Laura Hawley, Donald Patriquin, Nicholas Piper, Sarah Quartel, Imant Raminsh, Mark Sirett, Nancy Telfer, Ruth Watson Henderson, Healey Willan, and James Wright.

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Laura Hawley – Vivre, Aimer, Partager

Local composer (and former Leading Note staff member!) Laura Hawley’s piece “Vivre, Aimer, Partager (Ahlamdoulillah / Tala’ al-Badru ‘Alayna)” gained international acclaim after going viral in December 2015!

RCM Book Prices Are Increasing!
March 20, 2017

RCM Publishing made a rather abrupt announcement last week that the prices on all Royal Conservatory of Music books will be increasing, effective immediately.

This sudden increase took us rather by surprise, as they are relatively significant – between $2 and $6 per book. However, we want to make sure that it isn’t quite as big a shock to our customers – particularly music teachers.

To this end, The Leading Note is pleased to be able to offer all RCM books at the old prices until Apr 1, 2017 (or as long a supplies last). If you haven’t already done so, this is a perfect opportunity to take advantage of our special discounts on one of the following RCM sets:

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