The OrKidstra Program

The Leading Note Foundation* was created in September 2007 by the owners of The Leading Note music store (Tina Fedeski & Gary McMillen) and former NACO cellist and music educator, Margaret Tobolowska. The charitable organization administers OrKidstra, a music program for children aged 5 to 18 in under-served areas of Ottawa. Our goal is not to raise professional musicians (though all children will be left with a life-long appreciation of music) as much as to instil many life skills which come with learning music: confidence, teamwork, responsibility and inter-dependence, tolerance, patience and pride in achievement. OrKidstra is a program of social change inspired by Venezuela’s El Sistema program, which has supporters and proponents worldwide.

OrKidstra Year-End Concert at Dominion Chalmers United Church in June 2012

OrKidstra was founded in 2007 with 30 children. Eleven years later, the program has expanded to include over 700 children (from 42 linguistic and cultural backgrounds). Visit OrKidstra’s web site for more information about the program.

Building Community Through Music - The Leading Note music store and OrKidstra

* In 2016, the official name of the charitable organization was changed from The Leading Note Foundation to OrKidstra in order to reduce branding confusion.

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