Construction on Gladstone
September 18, 2013

A quick note to our local customers: Gladstone Ave. is presently under construction from Metcalfe to Elgin. This may interfere with your travels to The Leading Note! This is the first stage in the complete rebuilding of the infrastructure underneath Gladstone. The current street-closure is scheduled to last through November 2013 but the whole project will continue until next Summer. Presently, Elgin is not impeded in any way so traffic our our street continues. If you require parking, we recommend Frank St.

“See Music in a New Light”
September 6, 2013


The Leading Note is pleased to announce that we now carry the Triplet Light Music Stand. This innovative Canadian design makes it much easier for musicians to read their pages in dimly lit concert halls. The stand has been used by the Chamber Players of Canada and many other renowned artists.

Created by Ottawa’s Jack McGowan, the Triplet has a specially-designed LED lamp built into the base of the stand that lights the music from below. The stand is plugged in with a small, unobtrusive cable that runs down the tripod support. With the built in dimmer switch, you can control the brightness to suit your needs. There are no bulbs to replace and the LED lights in the stand are designed to last for 25 years! (Read more…)