Reminder: Store Closing for Summer Holiday
July 11, 2013


For rest, relaxation and recuperation, The Leading Note will be closed July 15-21.

Summer is a somewhat quieter time here at The Leading Note. It has become our tradition to close the shop and take a holiday in the third week of July before the “back to school” rush kicks in.

During our holiday week, you can still make an order by searching our online catalogue.

You may be interested to know that The Leading Note has now introduced an online shopping cart! This new feature makes it easier to order the books you need, either for pick-up or mail delivery. Check out how it works or start browsing! We will also monitor e-mail periodically through the week. Most special orders will arrive July 29.

From all the staff at The Leading Note, we hope you also get a relaxing and rejuvenating break this summer.

Best wishes for the upcoming season,

Tina, Gary, Sheilah & the staff

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Books from the Bard Music Festival
July 8, 2013

We are pleased to announce that The Leading Note now carries books in the Bard Music Festival Series.


Founded in 1990, the Bard Music Festival is an annual series of concerts and lectures held at Bard College in Annadale-on-Hudson, New York. Each year’s event focuses on the life and work of a single composer. Lectures are presented that give insight into the circumstances, experiences, cultural scene and political climate that informed the composer’s artistic output. Concerts accompanying these lectures provide attendees with a thorough exposure to the selected composer’s work.

Background: The festival is, at its core, a symposium for musicologists; the trend in this scholarly discipline, promoted by the American Musicological Society since the 1970s, is to focus on the cultural circumstances of music more than the theoretical aspects of its composition. This task was taken up by the Society for Music Theory, established in 1977, and marks the separation of musicology and music theory as separate academic disciplines.

Following the festival, Princeton University Press publishes a book featuring the essays presented that year. Each book gets a standardized title: “[Composer name] and His World” (To date the festival has not featured the work of a woman; perhaps it is about time!).

There are currently 22 books in the series and The Leading Note has 11 of these in stock (as of this writing).

The composers featured include: Bartok, Beethoven, Berg, Brahms, Copland, Debussy, Dvorak, Elgar, Haydn, Ives, Janacek, Liszt, Mahler, Mendelssohn, Prokofiev, Saint-Saens, Schoenberg, Shostakovich, Sibelius, Richard Strauss, Stavinsky, and Wagner.

The Bard Music Festival Series offers serious music fans in-depth exposure to the worlds of composers. The collection of essays in each book is quite eclectic, offering engaging chapters for readers new to the composer and for serious fans looking for more scholarly analysis. Come check out our selection in store. Makes a great gift for your favourite music fan!

Top 10: Music for Harp
July 4, 2013

To help new students of the harp find suitable repertoire for their instrument, we have compiled a list of our ten top-sellers for harp. These books are widely used by harp teachers and students alike; the list includes repertoire for both pedal and lever harps.

1. Maria Grossi: Harp Method

This classic method is our top-selling book for harp. It contains a wide range of progressive studies with helpful diagrams showing the movement of the hands. Although the text is entirely in Italian, the popularity of this method demonstrates the quality of Grossi’s material.

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