Bach’s Six Sonatas & Partitas
December 9, 2013

J.S. Bach’s “Six Sonatas and Partitas” are a staple in any violinist’s repertoire and a must have for almost every audition. This collection, like many of Bach’s popular repertoire, has a story (or legend) behind it; such as the story of Bach’s first wife passing away while he was on a trip with the Prince of Kothen and writing the famously heart-wrenching Chaconne (or ciaccona) in D minor in remembrance of his wife.

When it comes to purchasing a score for these pieces there are many choices and each with their own strengths and weaknesses. This post reviews the features of those editions The Leading Note keeps in stock. (Read more…)

Top 10: Violin Collections
November 27, 2013

This list brings together our top-selling violin collections in one place. If you are looking for recital pieces, exam repertoire, gigging music or material for weddings, this list has it all!

1. RCM Violin Series: Third Edition (nine volumes)

RCM Violin SeriesOur list of top-selling violin collections is crowned by almost every volume of the RCM Violin Series. Of course, this series has one distinct advantage over any other publication: every selection among its pages is approved for use in examinations for Canada’s most popular musical accreditation program! This singular advantage aside, the series does offer the benefit to all violinists (whether working toward an exam or not) that the series is properly graded, ensuring that all material in a single volume is at a comparable level. The third edition of the RCM Violin Series includes accompaniment CDs.

2. Solos for Young Violinists (six volumes)

Solos for Young ViolinistsBarbara Barber’s excellent series is also featured among our top sellers. With six volumes in the set, these books are also graded, ensuring that all pieces in a given volume are of comparable difficulty. Intermediate students will find this books especially useful. Accompanying CDs are available for these publications but are sold separately.

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Orchestral Excerpts for Percussionists
November 22, 2013

Orchestral Repertoire for Tambourine, Triangle, and CastanetsThe Leading Note now has a full complement of orchestral excerpts for percussionists. Orchestral Repertoire is a series of books compiled by Raynor Carroll that provides an excellent overview of the performance requirements for orchestral percussionists. Each volume focuses on a particular instrument or group: xylophone, glockenspiel, snare drum, bass drum & cymbals, plus tambourine, triangle & castanets. These are indispensable books for the aspiring performer!

Christmas Special on Gift Certificates!
November 14, 2013

The Leading Note is the perfect place to find gifts for the musicians in your life. We stock:

  • Print Music for piano, strings, winds, brass, voice, choir, organ, guitar
  • Books about composers, teaching, performance, theory, humour, and for children
  • CDs from local artists and the Naxos catalogue
  • Gifts and Accessories, including socks, ties, scarves, notebooks, folders and gig bags
  • Gift Certificates for any value and redeemable for any product in our store!

Gift Certificates are a particularly good choice for your favourite musician if you are not sure which specific book will suit the musician’s taste. Gift certificates can be used to expand a musician’s repertoire library, to fund teaching supplies, to procure rare or special editions; or to encourage students to pursue their musical goals.

For the second year in a row, The Leading Note is pleased to offer a Holiday Special on our gift certificates:

Purchase a gift certificate of $50 or more between now and December 31, 2013 and receive 10% off any other items purchased at the same time.

You can find out more about Christmas music we currently have on display in our “Christmas Music Is Here” blog post. Our browsable catalogue is online so you can search for just the right book. Our friendly staff are also available in the shop to offer assistance and guidance!

Best wishes for a happy holiday season from all the staff at The Leading Note.

Le magasin de musique Leading Note est l’endroit idéal pour trouver des cadeaux pour vos amis musiciens. Nous offrons:
  • Des partitions pour piano, instruments à cordes, voix, chorale, orgue et guitare,
  • Des livres portant sur une variété de sujets musicaux (compositeurs, enseignement de la musique, performance, théorie musicale, humour et jeunesse),
  • Des disques provenant d’artistes locaux et du catalogue de Naxos,
  • Des cadeaux et accessoires variés, incluant des cartables de musique, des cahiers de notes, des bas, des cravates, des foulards et des sacs,
  • Des certificats-cadeau à valeur indéterminée et échangeables pour n’importe quel de nos produits!

De plus, le magasin Leading Note est fier de vous proposer cette offre spéciale :

Achetez un certificat-cadeau d’une valeur de 50$ ou plus d’ici le 31 décembre 2012 et recevez un rabais de 10% applicable sur tout autre produit acheté simultanément.
Le certificat-cadeau fera le bonheur de votre musicien/ne préféré/e. Il lui permettra d’agrandir son répertoire de musique, de se procurer du matériel d’enseignement, d’obtenir une édition rare ou spéciale ; ou, tout simplement, d’atteindre ses objectifs musicaux!
Vous pouvez maintenant feuilleter notre catalogue en ligne et y trouver les partitions que vous cherchez. D’ailleurs, notre personnel chaleureux est toujours disponible pour vous donner un coup de main si vous en avez besoin!
En vous remerciant de votre appui!
Translations of Choral Repertoire
November 13, 2013

Translations and Annotations of Choral Repertoire
Vol. 2: Sacred German Texts

Translations and Annotations of Choral Repertoire, Vol. 2: Sacred German TextsThe Leading Note is pleased to carry this useful anthology of translations that will aid any choral director who performs repertoire from the Germanic tradition. Included here are English translations and historical notes of German texts used by Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Buxtehude and more. Also included are Martin Luther’s hymns and an essay on the German Bible. Three other volumes in this series are also available: Sacred Latin Texts; French & Italian Texts; and Hebrew Texts. This series is a fantastic resource for directors of concert choirs when preparing program notes or for church musicians who are looking for musical selections suitable for particular seasons or liturgical needs.

The Easiest Technique Book … Ever!
November 7, 2013

Easiest Technique Book…Ever!

New at The Leading Note, The Easiest Technique Book … Ever! is a new graded series of books that correspond with the technical requirements for Conservatory Canada.

Compiled and published by Andrew Harbridge, a piano pedagogue in Peterborough, Ontario and recipient of Conservatory Canada’s Gold Medal of Excellence, the books contain the complete technical requirements for Conservatory Canada’s classical piano curriculum and the Contemporary Idioms addendum.

There are six books in the series corresponding with grades one through six.

The principal characteristic that sets these techniques books apart from others is the emphasis on visual learning. The books include visual diagrams showing finger patterns for scales and arpeggios.

Andrew Harbridge is also the composer of Mayfair Music’s Spectrum series. These books are approved for use in Conservatory Canada’s exams.

New RCM Series for Viola and Trumpet
November 1, 2013

New RCM series

For the first time, the Royal Conservatory of Music has released graded repertoire series for viola and trumpet! Now students of these instruments can conveniently find all the material they need for examinations up to Level 8 in one place.

RCM viola series

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Christmas music is here!

Christmas music display at the front of our shop

‘Tis the season for jolly merry-making and the Leading Note has lots of Christmas music to bring plenty of joy to your holiday season! Stop by our shop to check out our vast selection. We have music for voice and piano, strings, winds, brass, and choir. Of course, we have lots of music for solo piano including elementary music for children and advanced collections. (Read more…)