Christmas Time Is Here
October 16, 2012

Come what joy! The Leading Note is now full of Christmas music for all your holiday needs. We have many new publications in our store for the first time and have also expanded some of our regular offerings to better suit your caroling needs.

At the front of the shop you will find a full display of piano music from elementary to advanced.

Our Christmas music for winds, brass and strings is located in the second room of the shop. Here you will find many books for flexible instrumentation. These include: Christmas Duets for All which includes two-part music for any instrument combination; Strictly Strings: Christmas & Chanukah Ensembles, arranged for any two stringed instruments; and Flex-Ability Holiday, four-part arrangements that allow for combinations of mixed instruments.

This last series is specifically arranged to combine players of different levels: parts 1 and 2 are for more advanced players while 3 and 4 are for beginners.

Vocal and choral music is found in the back room of the shop. Here you will find many collections of solos for advanced singers as well as general collections of Christmas favourites.

Our choral section includes a few new books including the latest installment of Carols for Choirs, and a new collection in Oxford’s New Horizons series, The Ivy and the Holly: 14 Contemporary Carols.

The Ivy and the Holly is great for serious choirs that are looking for new, stimulating repertoire for the Christmas season. The other books shown here are great for carolers looking for simple choral arrangements.

2013 Hal Leonard Vocal Competition
October 9, 2012

Hal Leonard Vocal Competition 2013

Last year, this competition had only 800 entrants from North America.

This city has so much top-notch vocal talent, it would be a shame to let Ottawa go unrepresented!

Please click here for all the entry requirements.

We have many Hal Leonard Art Song and Musical Theatre repertoire books in stock.

 Click here to browse our online catalogue!