Elgin Street Resurfacing
September 6, 2011

UPDATE: As of September 26th, all of the repaving is finished and the parking spaces on Elgin are available once again.


The City of Ottawa has recently undertaken a project affecting Elgin Street.  Do not fear - this is nothing like the extensive and disruptive “rebuild” that has moved its way down Bank Street for the past three summers!  This project is simply an “asphaltic overlay” (to use the City’s terminology), essentially a repaving of the street surface.  Since this coincides with The Leading Note’s busiest month, we wanted to keep our customers informed about how their trip to our shop might be affected.

Buses will continue to run along Elgin during the resurfacing.  There is a stop at Gladstone and Elgin.  The sidewalk is also being redone but it is easy to side-step the affected areas (a few metres at a time) because the city is putting up traffic barriers along the torn-up sidewalks.  As of today, it appears that most of the sidewalk work has been completed.

If you drive to The Leading Note, parking on Elgin Street directly is currently not available.  However, as our regular customers will know, there are many other (usually better) options in the neighbourhood for parking, the easiest being Gladstone, which can be accessed from Metcalfe.  A map of parking options can be found here.  Our area of Elgin is being milled today, then repaved later in September.  Traffic will keep flowing as usual throughout this work but it will be easier to travel down Metcalfe or O’Connor toward Gladstone.

If you bike to The Leading Note, then you’ll be in good company since almost all of our staff also ride their bikes to work.  There are many bike racks immediately adjacent to The Leading Note, both on Elgin and Frank.  You’ll have a bumpy ride for the next little while on Elgin directly but it will be smooth sailing once the work is completed.  (The same cannot be said for Gladstone and its giant craters - maybe next year!).

We look forward to seeing all of our customers during our busy back to school rush.  Welcome back students, teachers, choristers, and any other musicians that take a healthy break for the summer!